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Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet
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Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet

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Your Valentine deserves the best. And nothing says "I love you" like a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Just leave it up to our floral designers—they'll select from our most beautiful blooms to create a romantic showstopper for your sweetheart.

Your special arrangement will include the designer's choice of fresh blooms.

Product ID UFN0896

Approximately 10" - 20" H (Size will vary)

What People Are Saying

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  February 16, 2024

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet delivered to Bettendorf, IA

Flowers looked great and delivery was spot on. Thank you

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  February 16, 2020

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet delivered to Davenport, IA

Colman Florsit my savior, my dog.    So on V-Day I was in SoCal reef breaking the latest high swells snaking around some massive waves.  I had been working on this gnarly trick called the Backdoor, Backside Backwash when not only this wave of emotion hit me, but a literal wave that sent my vibes in a frenzy!  I thought to myself "what have I done to deserve such a wipeout?"  I had done my due diligence as a BF and sent flowers back home to my GF..  Or so I thought...    I tried brushing this rogue wave off but I couldn't.  It was so intense that it felt exactly like the time Chad had to sink the redemption cup in beer pong and all eyes were on him.  We had never beaten Jerri and West in a match of BP so it felt like someone had to of been watching over us when he drilled the cup and the entire room swelled in celebration.    Later that day as I was getting ready for the kickback Dylan was plannin to throw at his moms crib, when I got a phone call from D-Port Iowa.  It was Colman Florist.  I answered the phone to find that my worst nightmare had come true... I had sent flowers to the wrong address for the 3rd consecutive year... (Prior to this my actual worst nightmare was eating waves and barreling the tube in front of Jerri and West.  I'd have to bail out on surfing all together if that ever happened. )  As I was coming to terms with this massive groundswell of a problem I thought about just giving up and dumping my GF before she could dump me.  I was switching into my cleanest Vans Sneakers and cracking my first 4 Loko when my iPhone started to jingle.  It was Colman Florist.  Immediately, I thought of the time that Kendra initially circled "Yes" on the "Will you go out with me" note I wrote for her in Mrs. Bell's 4th Grade Class only to find out Jerri and West erased "Yes" and circled "No" as it was being passed back to me.  They rubbed this in my face until we graduated even taking Kendra as their double date to Prom Senior year.. Why was Colman calling to rub it in like Jerri and West used to always do.. smh.  Jerri and West never did give me good vibes.  Every time I would try a new move on my skateboard they would just laugh when I screwed up and totally ate it.  They were always hitting the 360 ollies and claiming to care about their fan club, but in reality they never did anything to actually show they cared..    I couldn't help but think Colman Florist was just like Jerri and West... Hesitantly, as I picked up the phone, a rush of AMPED emotion came over me.. It not only felt like the time Chad crushed it in BP but it felt just as good as when I goofy footed the 50ft swell last year.. it was unbelievable.  As I listened in to the words coming out of my iPhone I was in awe.  Colman wasn't here to rub anything in, they were here to help!  They were going to go back and pick up the flowers I had accidentally sent to the mall and redeliver them to where they needed to go!  This was totally opposite of how Jerri and West made me feel!  Later that night as I was basking in pleasure and good vibrations it came to me.  Colman Florist has always been there for me!  It wasn't some strange phenomenon that made me feel as if I was being watched over by a higher power... it was Colman Florist!  Colman Florist CARES about their customers!  To give it only 5 stars would be a disservice to their hard work and caring attitude as a company!  The best way to describe this would be like hitting a Pearl Rip Rocker on a Hawaiian Scaled Double Overhead.  I would suggest hanging loose and riding the Colman Florist wave next time you need flowers or you might risk beach breaking the wind swells and wiping out!

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  August 19, 2023

verified review logo Verified Purchase   |   Sweet Harvest Sunflowers™ delivered to Davenport, IA

My Sweet Sissy is sick in the hospital..Thank goodness for the beautiful flowers to cheer her up. Thank-you very much for giving me the choice for her beautiful flowers......

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